If you’ve been wondering how to invest $1000 you are like many of my clients who keep asking me the same question. Therefore I did a recording where I show you some possible ways how to make that approach.

People often approach me asking: Lukas, I have a thousand bucks (insert your amount here). How should I invest those to get started?

Short answer: There is no one size fits all right or wrong answer to this question.

It always depends on the individual goals as well as the preferred investment style. So before asking „How should I invest?“ start by deciding for yourself what you really want to achieve.

Do you want high short term gains that mostly go hand in hand with higher risk?

Do you want to generate a stable income from your investment which takes time to build it up?

Or do you want a solid mix of high yield investments that will generate you good profits over time? (This is how I’ve been successfully building up my portfolio and what I offer in my course Grow Your Money)

These are only 3 out of many more options that are out there. So it all starts with you doing some research so you can decide which route you prefer. Then you need to educate yourself in that specific investment field and most importantly stick to it until you generate results.

I did a live recording where I go a lot more in depth about some favorable options. So if you are still uncertain this is where you can get started (use Chrome browser to watch):

$1000, how to make it more, passively… 5 ways to grow your money while you are relaxing. Check out today's video to learn to do it yourself.

Posted by Lukas Xu on Tuesday, 5 May 2020

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