The problem of our society is that we are always chasing money.

We always look up at others and think what did they do, to become this wealthy. in the end, it’s very simple, you have been doing it wrong.
it’s not about looking at others, and copying them, because in the end, you make no money by copying others, you can make money by solving the problem of others.
something someone else needs solving. that’s why a plumber is super necessary, compared to a history arts professor. In the end, when your toilet breaks down, you can’t call your professor, but you call the plumber.

Therefore, solve problems, if you can solve problems with your solution, there you have it, your Gold to wealth.
but that’s not it … yet…

Make your solution scalable, the moment it is scalable, and you can automate your solution… all of a sudden, there you have your gold put on an automated system, and money will be flowing in..

That’s how you can become wealthy.

Check out this video to see what I did in my situation ;)