If you are curious which 4 hacks I used to grow my youtube channel with 100 subscribers in less than a week, check this

I could go into all the details like you have to upload consistently, and have good content, but let’s just set that aside, since I do believe you already have good content for your channel.

That’s your starting point, but what if your subscribers don’t grow?

00:00 what you will learn

00:56 tip 1: channel name
The first hack you should apply is to have a great obvious youtube name.
Like mine is lukas – real estate & investing channel… People who see your name should know straight away, what your channel is about. In the video I will go through some good and less good examples. :)

02:24 tip 2: thumbnail
The second hack you should apply is to have a great thumbnail, that is a little bit of clickbait, yet… Not completely, as you do not want to confuse youtube’s algorithm for your channel. The title of your video should be clear and obvious for youtube’s algorithm.
I’ve noticed that the ‘how to’ titles work well, and you need something to trigger your viewer, thinking.. Hmm.. This is something I would like to know. And to be current, I always add the date of the year we all live in :)

04:18 tip 3: description
The third hack to grow your youtube channel is use the description box. Now the interesting part is, if you want to grow your wallet or the amounts of money, you want to do as much side work as possible to create traction, but for a video, a lot of people don’t care about the description box, whereas this is the most important aspect since youtube needs something to grab your content on.. And we have 5000 characters, so why not use them all to show youtube what content we have to share with our audience.

06:14 tip 4: community
The last hack that I would like to share with you to grow your youtube channel with over a 100 subscribers in a week in 2020 is to grow your community. It is important to grow friends, and relate to other people who share similar videos, and connect with them. If you like their content, subscribe to them. If you like to learn from them, why not follow them. If you like to be connected, why not comment on their videos. That’s what I did, and this is how I started to get connected with many others.