If you’ve been wondering how to get started investing with very little money you will want to discover these five tips. They are based on Warren Buffett’s teachings who is well known for his life long investment success. So here are the 5 tips on …

How To Get Started Investing With Very Little Money

1️⃣ Be aware of the CHOICES you make
Besides all the tips you can get from me or anyone else it’s you who makes the choices as an investor. Therefore it’s so important that you follow a certain strategy and make rational, emotionless decisions.

2️⃣ Do your own RESEARCH
Since you are the one who is in charge for your own investments it’s absolutely necessary that you do your own research and don’t worry about what others say.

3️⃣ Find your STYLE
Investing is personal. There are so many different ways, tactics, fields to invest in. You need to find your investment that fits your personality. Some like to do active trading for example while others prefer to invest passively. You can invest in technology or travel or food companies. It’s all up to you.

The moment you hear or read about an event in the news it has already happened. Instead of basing your investment decisions on current news, learn to read between the lines and anticipate what could happen next based on past events.

5️⃣ Invest in YOURSELF
When we talk about investing we usually think of stocks and such things. But remember: The best investment is the investment in yourself!

This is the short summary of the 5 tips on how to get started investing with very little money. You can watch the full lesson here (use Chrome browser):

How to get started as an investor, 5 tips on how Warren Buffett would advise you. Be sure to check today's video to learn more.

Posted by Lukas Xu on Wednesday, 15 April 2020