How to find the BEST Real Estate Deals

Finding real estate deals to buy and invest your money into isn’t hard, the only thing is, you just need to know how to do so.

In this video I will go through the 6 steps I use to find the best (off market) deals.

  • Step 1: know your WHY
  • Step 2: Where do you want to invest your money, Location is everything
  • Step 3: Research the Area, the properties, everything there is to know
  • Step 4: Go check it out
  • Step 5: do a realistic Offer
  • Step 6: How to be an expert and do Off Market deals

This is something that has worked for me, for more than 8 years already. The only thing is, you should apply this with finesse.

If you want to learn how I do it.. why not just reach out to me. I’m glad to help you as well!