You may have heard about the power of mental images before. It’s a technique used by athletes, musicians, actors, or any other (creative) professional.⠀

The idea is to practice your craft exclusively through your imagination. You dive into it as if it were real within your mind, even FEELING as if you were doing it.⠀

For example a piano player can practice for a concert solely in his mind. He can feel his fingers push down the keys and hear the tone although it’s pure imagination. Same goes for the athlete, or the actor who can rehearse a play in her mind.⠀

This technique doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be limited to those groups of people. Yet almost no one in the corporate world is using it. Which puts you in a favorable position if you do!⠀

So before your next meeting with your boss, take some time to write down all the possible questions he might ask you and come up with the appropriate answers in advance. Then you rehearse the ‘act’ in your mind until it feels natural to you. You can even enhance it by practicing in front of a mirror or with a friend!⠀

Even though it’s unlikely that you will get the exact same questions, you will still be a lot more confident and your mind will be able to make connections during the conversation a lot quicker than without that preparation.⠀

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