I bought 2 properties in the United States. I was overed to buy 3 properties, but I ended up buying 2 of the 3 house. So, now I have my new properties. But how am I going to do all the real estate business from the Netherlands?

00:00​ Still going up.
The number of homes on the housing market is the lowest since 2000 and the prices of the homes that ARE being offered have gone up with more than 15%. Not even the pandemic could put a stop on this runaway train. And yet, the question in this video today is how you could build your own passive income, completely remotely with real estate, if you’re just a millennial.

00:55​ The current housing situation
Now, normally what we see in the housing market is prices tend to go up, and at some point they do drop slightly. Nothing new there, but in the last decade, the market has mainly been growing, and yet, experts thought that the pandemic would bring a change there, but nothing is true about that.. home owners just kept looking for new homes, and investors kept on buying properties, causing the prices to continually grow higher and higher. The numbers in the US, back in 2006 housing prices were as high as they are right now. After the housing bubble crash of 2008, the prices plumped, but since then, the prices have been growing and growing. The question is of course, When will the prices crash again?

02:48​ Who are the Millennials
Now, before we continue in the housing market story. First very short what are millennials?
According to the demographic cohort.. people of the Generation Y are considered to be the millennials, those who were born from 1981 up to 1996. And these are the people who tend to be in their 20s and 30s right now, this is the group that uses their money wisely.

03:40​ The Rise of Long-Distance Real Estate Investing
Let we take a look at the investments being made in the real estate market. We see lots of checklists, paperwork, back and forth with agents, and touring homes that you need to ensure are safe and habitable. But What if tech cuts through all the hassles and lets you buy and earn monthly rent from real estate without you ever visiting the property? And this is where Millennials are setting themselves apart from their previous generation. Millennials are looking at real estate as an investment rather than a place to live.

06:00​ Finding property management partners that truly help You
I’ve never been to the US before, and yet I’ve purchased several properties already. Why? Because the market is better, and the opportunities offered are better. So, when thinking about setting your money to work. I know where I want it to be working, in a place that generates me over at least 12% per year, which is 99% passively. Compared to the possible 6-7% here in the Netherlands. But, as we are investors, we still have the feeling that we need to be able to see the property, but even that.. doesn’t have to be an issue anymore, the most important issue is trust.

07:11​ Why Single family homes?
The homes were being offered on the market for quite a while, and no investor saw the opportunity in buying these homes. So I bought them and by getting two at the same time, we could get a good deal from the real estate agent, and with a proper fix up and repair, the two new families could go into the homes, right away. And all done remotely, my property managers took care of all the repairs, took care of the families and they will also take care of the monthly payments.