Is the method that Warren Buffett is applying still valid in 2020?

In this video I will go through the facts and figures of history to show you what you can do, today… to become rich, using Warren Buffett’s method in today’s world.

Warren Buffett reads a lot of books to become financially educated, so are you doing a lot to become financially educated? reading books? watching videos on what You can do?

Check out the books he read, like 1000 ways to make a $1000 by FC Minaker

Check out the inflation calculator I am using to give a clear image of how much money $1000 was back in 1936.

Enjoy watching the video, and make your own way of becoming Rich… and don’t forget, you may be awesome by yourself, but you can be super awesome when you open up and learn from others at the same time ;)

happy investing!