Is your investment still safe with the recession popping up? Want to know what I do to secure my money, check out today’s video!

There are several steps in my method that protect my money from disappearing.

The first and foremost is investing in stocks.
When you do your research well, up front. Then no matter what happens in on the world economy or stock market. Your stocks are yours, and no one can take them from you.
And within the strategy, I buy individual stocks, divididend stocks and index funds to diversify my own portfolio and keep my money spread. Not only that, but also being in different sectors like healthcare, technology and civil service, will make the risk of being struck even less.

The second method is investing in real estate.
And in this case, I’m not referring to reits
But tangible properties
That you buy and hold and rent out to tenants. People will always need a roof over their heads. So even in recession times, I have seen very few tenants who had difficulty paying the rent.
7% compared to 5% last year, when we had no recession in 2019… In the end, within 30 days, the tenants have still been able to pay up the rent and mortgages.. So why worry about that?

The second strategy within real estate is buying and selling. And in this case, I am not referring to flipping houses, as I am not handy in renovating a home. But buying a home, and selling it off to people who can’t get a mortgage because of multiple reasons, but yet do want to buy a home. In this case, I act like a bank, and do not give these people a mortgage, but I give them a home, which they can buy in a timespan of 20-30 years.

The third strategy within real estate investing is buying a property, holding into it, but renting it out short stay. As if it is a holiday home. Now this is not meant for holiday, because my audience is business people, nurses, contractors, doctors, who need a place to stay, but dont want a hotel, or hotel prices, yet do want to have the luxury and the feeling of an actual home. And with that, these short stay apartments are a great alternative. Even in recession times, doctors, nurses, contractors still need a place to stay, when work has to continue, and they still need a roof over their heads. So there is where we come in with our suitable homes.

And with these 6 strategies, I have a recession proof investment method. No need to worry if money comes in, or not… And it can be completely passive income once you have set it up all right, before the investment begins.

This is why it is so important to do your research well up front, so your money can flow afterwards… Reaping benefits afterwards. The way passive investing is meant for ;)