Are you a person who only thinks and talks about themselves ALL the time? Well that’s a little too much then maybe ;)

But … the opposite isn’t more attractive either. As in most cases the truth lies somewhere in between. So we need to find a healthy balance between (true, honest) self-love and staying grounded.

You probably witnessed it more than once how some conceited colleague got the job promotion even though you might have been equally qualified or maybe even technically better. The problem is that those conceited people often have more self-confidence and they learned how to present themselves as being the best choice.

There are many with great talent, who are doing excellent jobs, but fail to present themselves. Their self-confidence is simply lower even though it wouldn’t have to be.

The next time you catch yourself perceiving a colleague as conceited ask yourself why. These are often indicators for ourselves where we can learn to grow.

Now I’m not saying that you should become conceited. Stay grounded. But know your strength and learn to present yourself.

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