You have to sometimes sacrifice something to get something else you’d have never gotten otherwise. If you always follow the same path in your life, how do you expect yourself to get different results? If you do the same things over and over again, it is very logical that you keep getting the same results.⠀

See how the water finds its way down the hill. It does so by always following the EASIEST path. You can make a little experiment yourself by putting up a hill of sand and pouring some water on the top. You will now see how it will find its way down, always following the easiest path. ⠀

Isn’t that how most people live their lives as well, always following the easiest path?⠀

However if you want to get different results, you have to change paths. Otherwise you will keep getting the same results.⠀

Changing paths often means giving up things we are used to, so you may have to „sacrifice“ old habits (the easy path) and develop new, better ones that may require more effort but will also get you different results. It can also mean to give up old and form new relationships that serve you better…⠀

Watch out for my next posts where we will go into more detail on this!