Ever heard about the distinction between the fixed mindset and the growth mindset? It’s probably THE foundational understanding you need to make before you can even start to become successful.

My guess is that most people out there are living based on a fixed mindset (without knowing it). If you don’t the difference between the two google it. The essential distinction is that people with a fixed mindset believe that they are born with a certain skillset while those with a growth mindset believe that anyone can become anything.

Today I want to give you one very simple mindset shift you can apply immediately that will make a tremendous difference how you perceive the world and yourself as a part of it:

People with the fixed mindset will often say things like „you HAVE X,X,Z…“, i.e. you have a certain skill or are naturally gifted. How can that be true? Remember: Do not confuse facts with opinions!

The solution:

All you you need to do is add one word. Instead of saying „I HAVE (a certain skill)“ make it „I have LEARNED“ which is actually true because we had to learn everything we know today.

That’s it. One simple word that makes all the difference. Try it! You will soon recognize your own mindset shift.