How 2 minutes can improve your investing skills? In this video I’ll explain my method of 2 minutes.

Do you have a minute? How often do you hear something like this?

And how often do you believe that this minute or two will, change your life?
And no, we’re not referring to those moments, that life flashed by your eyes in the moments you were escaping death. I’m talking about the 2 minute rule that you can apply to teach yourself to become successful.

In today’s video I’ll breakdown how this method has helped me to my success. And if you stay until they end, I’ll even share how you can get started as well. (get my book, but mainly, just get started)

Do you have a minute or two?
Everyone has 2 minutes. The problem is, so few people take the 2 minutes to learn a new skill, just thinking, it is too little time to do so. And yet, when we spend more time to learn a new skill, we might think, it is too much of our efforts to try to do so. And this is how it goes in our lives nowadays.

The truth behind it
There is more to the 2 minute method than we think. In the end, we just need to trick our mind to get started. If you want to learn a new skill, or acquire new knowledge, you just need to get started. And two minutes is just enough to get started, and have your mind think, it is just enough time to get into the zone. In the end, it is a theory that could work for you

Procrastination issues
This method also works very well for people who have procrastination issues. Getting started is one thing, but putting your mind to it, is so hard sometimes. So set the timer on 2 minutes, and start making those lists for yourself. First, start with a to do list, what things would you like to get done by tomorrow. Not too long, just enough to get your busy. Then your not to do list, what things are distracting you from your goal, put those on this list. And lastly, which things are your wishes. When you achieve your goal, which should you do then? In combination with the 2 minute rule, you’ll be far more effective and you’ll get things done far quicker than you believed so.

Become successful by applying the 2 minute rule
Goals are so important, the 2 minute rule works best when you set a clear goal. Like knowing how much money you want to be making, or how much passive income stream should you achieve. The moment you set those clear goals. The only thing is to get to it, each time, check if your activities line up with your goal, and you can easily do that by checking with the 2 minute rule. As simple as that ????

Bonus tip: how can you get started on the stock market
Each time you check the stocks, set a timer at 2 minutes. Each time you check, you do not want to get the ability to look into it too much, because otherwise your emotions might take over… and you know what happens when emotions take over on the stock market, it might screw up your whole plan.
Have a clear strategy, and with that strategy, just check your stocks, each and every time. Just 2 minutes. Are things going as planned? Good, logout again. Are things going better? Good, logout again? Are things going horribly? Sure, what do you need to do, according to your strategy, otherwise… just logout again.

Just 2 minutes of your time
So, if you want to know the ins and outs of the 2 minute method, be sure to check out my book!