There is a saying that all that glitters is not gold which you’ve probably heard before. Today we will put that upside down.

Indeed there are many things in your life today you can’t weigh out with gold but are you aware of them?

We often hear that in order to reach our goals and become successful in life we need to sacrifice things. We should give up „bad“ habits, let go of friendships that don’t serve us and throw away our toys that distract us. Which is true. We do need to give up certain things so that we can have other things that are better for us.

You can’t change your life for the better if you remain the way you are today. That’s for sure.

But we tend to forget about the riches we already have, that are good for us and do serve us. Gratitude is a virtue we should practice daily.

Think about all the things you have right now that you are grateful for:

You live in a house? Great!

You have a spouse who supports you? Awesome!

You have children who give you joy (even if they sometimes get on your nerves)? Priceless!

Those are only the most obvious examples but there are many more. See how many you can come up with. Too many people look at what’s missing and forget about the wealth they already have in this very moment.