This week it’s all about (not) multitasking and focusing on your tasks instead. What I don’t want you to do though is to focus on the wrong activities. It’s so easy in today’s corporate world to confuse activity with accomplishment. Therefore it’s imperative that you figure out your income producing activities.

Even if you are in a corporate job your company is still serving customers and your job is part of that service. It so quickly happens though that we get confused with all the administrative work which may seem necessary but doesn’t add any value to your customer.

You need to figure out your income producing activities (meaning those parts in you job that add the most value to your customers) and devote most of your time to those. You may have heard about the 80-20 rule before. It says that 20% of our activities produce 80% of the income. What are those 20% for you?

If you are not clear about them yet, schedule some time to brain storm and figure them out. You can then present your results to your boss and propose that you discuss them in a meeting. By doing so you show interest in your company and thus increase the chances of getting that job promotion.

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