New Book Reveals:
How To Invest 2 Minutes And Make Money On The Stock Market

No matter what situation the stock market is in, a bull market or bear market, this is how anyone can achieve success!

How to Invest 2 Minutes and Make Money on the Stock Market

“How to Invest 2 Minutes and Make Money on the Stock Market” will help you discover…

  • Why slacking off has been the reason for no success on the stock market

  • How to overcome the stress when investing
  • How to autopilot the money-making strategies
  • How 2 minutes will make a huge difference
  • How I started with only $25

  • How to apply the same method to any portfolio size
  • And so much more!

Lukas Xu is without a doubt one of the most impressive Wealth Coaches, I’ve ever come across, and one of the few people whose advice I trust.

Tatiana Petrov, The High Income Advisor

How to Invest 2 Minutes and Make Money on the Stock Market

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The portfolio size does not matter: this is a blueprint for investing success.

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Only for ambitious entrepreneurs, who are always striving to get the best results. Making money hasn’t been a problem, but having the money make more money has always been a mystery. Others give away their own money to investment platforms and have them generate money, but those amounts weren’t really impressive. On the other hand, taking own control over the money can create so much more traction. So why not learn that skill now … it’s all a good approach, but the biggest question is, how should I do it…?

How to Invest 2 Minutes and Make Money on the Stock Market

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Hey what’s up, my name is Lukas Xu (author)

When I started as a professor in the university, I would never believe that I would sell my knowledge on wealth to others. Until the moment an alumni asked me if I could teach him, how to grow his own capital. This all started in 2011.

Since then, I shifted my activities, and started helping people on how to achieve financial success. And with that, also came my latest book, How to Invest 2 Minutes and Make Money on the Stock Market. With the success also came the success, of my book being sold over 100 physical copies only within the first month of its release.

In my book, I describe step by step, the process I’ve gone through to achieve my success. So many others have gotten their own copy already, and it is time to get that copy now!

Lukas Xu - Grow Your Money
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“The whole concept of the ‘How to Invest 2 Minutes’ book is very powerful. Lukas is direct, outspoken, and brutally honest. The book has eye-openers for everyone who is willing to find his true potentials.”

Martin van Goor, CEO Bijl Project Builders
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“Lukas has an extra-ordinary way of thinking, written down as a recipe book. Easy to follow, easy to model. He has my recommendations!”

Danique Kos, Musician Kos Music
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“Lukas gives his details on his process, and the book has helped me open my potentials. ”

William van der Bult, Civil Engineer
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“The book is engaging and easy to follow. It has a friendly narrative and gives its readers the confrontation anyone is looking for. I really like reading the book and applying the 2-minute method. ”

Marni Macrae, International Award winning author

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How to Invest 2 Minutes and Make Money on the Stock Market

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Lukas Xu is the founder of,, and CEO of XL Finance & Consultancy.

He has been coaching entrepreneurs and individuals on how to grow their capital using their own skills and knowledge. He has been doing this since 2011 and now has released his How to Invest 2 Minutes and Make Money on the Stock Market book in 2020. Within just a month’s time, the book has been downloaded over 100 times.

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