It’s a term you hear and read A LOT across social media. Many influencers talk about it and chances are that you dream about being financially free at some point in your life.⠀

But what does financial freedom actually mean? When do you know if you reached your goal of financial freedom?⠀

Robert Kiyosaki said it best in my opinion that you are financially free when your passive income surpasses your expenses.⠀

The thing is that not everyone out there knows how to build passive income. Maybe you aren’t even interested in doing so if you are focusing on building your career in the corporate world.⠀

That shouldn’t stop you however from making plans and follow through to build a financial cushion which will allow you to overcome times of vocational uncertainty as well as prepare for retirement long term.⠀

Today you want to make sure to put your efforts in building your dream career which will allow you to save a good portion of your income. As you’d probably guess I have put together a program where you will learn how to strategically boost your career ;)⠀

It’s called Learning Cycle of Success. You can check it out here.