If you want to get a job promotion you should always do everything right!

???? Really?

Of course we’ve been raised and taught that way throughout school and university. When you do things „right“ you receive praise. When you make mistakes you get punished.

Therefore we avoid making mistakes at all cost, so we won’t get punished. Unfortunately that’s not the way to become successful…

All successful people have made many mistakes throughout their careers. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why so many of them haven’t been great at school. Looking back, it somehow makes sense ????

Anyways, if you want to move forward in your career, avoiding mistakes at all cost will hold you back. I’m not saying to act negligent, that’s not it. You should be intelligent enough to know when certain actions could cost your employer.

It’s more about HOW you deal with mistakes. Do you see them as a thread against your capabilities? That’s what most people actually do.

Or do you view them as opportunities to do things better the next time? If you are willing to make mistakes it shows you are courageous which will certainly set you apart from your colleagues!