Always wondered why people use different apps to invest their money with, in this video I’ll go through the best investing apps in us and eu.

The story I share in this video today, are from the experiences I have through my us clients and eu clients, and the experience I have myself from investing in stocks and shares for more than 10 years… So, are the apps the very best in the world? I don’t know, you decide after watching the video ;)

There is a split of apps, we have the us apps, only available in us and the apps that you can use in eu (but also to invest in us market).

Then, I have categorized the apps in 3 styles.
1. Full control
2. Semi control
3. No control

First I’ll go through the us apps that you can use to invest your money to make money, actively and passively.

00:00 what you will learn today

01:07 1. Robinhood
It’s free, it’s easy, and it allows fractional shares of stocks. It allows option trading, but no bonds, or cds or mutual funds, though it does allow you buying index funds (which is a kind of mutual fund, haha).

03:26 2. M1 finance
Also free, it’s more complex compared to robinhood, but it also allows fractional shares, it does allow day trading from a portfolio of 25k, but again, no mutual funds, whereas index funds are allowed. M1 has automatic re-investing function, which is something I love.. Makes it even more passive investing :d

The semi controlled apps are
04:45 3. Acorns
They give you 5 portfolios you may choose from. And the moment you’ve done that, they invest your money for your.. Within the portfolio, they give you control over your money, but you can’t step out of a portfolio, if you want more return, you’ll have to pick a more aggresive version of investments. They do allow you to buy fractional shares, but it’s not completely free.

06:35 4. Fidelity
There are a lot of experts you could ask for your investments, but for each guide and tips, you’ll have to pay. Index funds are free, but when taking out your money from the brokerage account, you’ll have to pay money.. And that’s how they make their money as a company.

The app that controls your money: which is not completely true, but hey.. This is what I call category 3. In which you don’t control your only investments and money, but the app tells you can you can and cannot invest in.

08:14 5. Webull
No fractional shares, and that’s where I draw the line… This is not the app for me. It’s an upcoming company, grew hugely in the past year. Very impressive!

In the eu, we have
10:28 6. Etoro
A big player here in eu. They allow stocks, forex, index funds, but even crypto currency, if you’re into that, then this is your app. They make their money through when you take your money out…

11:45 7. Degiro
A big player from the netherlands :d (yay dutch pride) for each transaction they charge you something like 0.004% it’s not a lot, but that’s the way how they make their money as company, so make more transactions! Big portfolio of stocks you can buy.

13:00 8. Revolut
Super interesting app, as they give you multiple currencies to trade in. I have euros, pounds and dollars in their account to make quick and easy investments.

13:39 9. Plus500
Not the biggest player, but they allow you to buy forex, stocks and index funds. Easy app, and they’ve been around for a while now. And yes, they also allow fractional

14:14 10. Trading212
One of the new players upcoming.

All apps to invest your money to make money, passively! Wish you all the best!

Are you already using the best investing apps of 2020?