If you think about it, 1% of the world population is a millionaire. In the developed countries that number is somewhat between 3% and 7% so it could be likely possible that you are meant to be a millionaire, sooner than you think…

the 7 habits of millionaires are the following.

1. Morning Routine
it has become very clear that no matter what you do, millionaires have a very clear goal that getting things done in the morning, is very important. After a good night sleep, they use their time in the morning well. if you can’t get things done before 10am, most likely you will be struggling with it the rest of the day.

2. managing distractions
postpone your pleasure and instant gratifications. if you want to become a millionaire, it does mean you have to make a choice in your life… is it that holiday with friends, or working on your future? now can you do a bit of both? I’m sure you can, but can you a bit of both…? a milionaire and yet do no work and relax? I suppose you can’t, if you want to become rich, you will have to have that wealthy mindset. starting with your mindset is the first step you need to take. so take care of your distractions

3. sleeping well
Sleep is the remedie of everything is what they say… well, sleeping well, makes sure you have the energy for the coming day. if you want to be productive, taking care of yourself health-wise is very important. therefore, don’t skip on sleep, but make clear choices on what you can and cannot get done. but take good care of sleep.

4. have a booklet, write things down.
when you have a great idea, write them down. take a look at it later, and analyse if the idea is really great or if it’s just a brain fart. your brain is best at processing things, so use it what it was meant for. of course your brain can hold on to a lot of information, but best is to let it wander and process information.

5. focus yourself on producing instead of consuming.
millionaires use their time and brain to create new things, let creativity go wild. learning new skills instead of just consuming whatever there is there… like sittting on your couch checking out netflix, instead of that, why not learn to play the guitar…

6. Learn to schedule
a millionaire’s mindset is focused on, what can i get done in the time set. you should learn to schedule. making a to do list is great, but knowing how to schedule and manage your time is far more important. if your to do list has over 10 items.. how are you ever going to finish those or prioritize the tasks. that’s why, schedule the tasks you need to get done, and get to them.

7. networking and collaboration
Bill gates couldn’t do it alone, nor could warren buffet. if you want to do things fast, do them alone, if you want to get things done for the long run, you have to do it together. make use of other people’s talents. outsource things to others, so you can focus on the things you do well.