When you want to make money on the side, why not check out these 6 side hussles that everyone can do, and start in 2020.

The first thing you need to think about, this is not about making pennies with filling in questionnaires. I understand it only cost you 5 minutes for 20 cents, but hey, we are talking about things that can pay out $5 per hour up to $200 per hour.

1. Buying and selling domains. Now like any market place, there is also a market place for domains. Think of one or two keywords domains, the moment it doesn’t exist yet, you may purchase one for just $1 or $2 dollars per month, and sell it off to those who might be interested in that domain.
Like in my own example, I purchased the domain pigeons, and all of a sudden a municipality with the same name, reached out to me, asking to buy my domain, for at least 500% but hey, that also only happened once to me.. But there are ways to make money through domains.

2. Speaking english, the fun part is, with this you are most likely already speaking english, of course at your own level. The moment you look to make money while speaking english, there are multiple platforms that offer services like this. In which you just need to talk to asian kids, who want to learn english, and the moment you do, you get paid for being a speaking partner for those kids.
Are suitable websites in which you can just enroll yourself, and be an english speaking person, available to talk to kids who want to learn english while speaking to you. This could make you from $5 per hour up to $20 per hour… You could easily do this on the side of whatever you’re doing. Just a nice extra income.

3. Sell your study guide. Now I’m sure you’ve read many books already. The only thing you do, is summarize those books, and offer those books to university platforms that are looking for summaries. They will buy the summary from you, and make it available to others who are looking for knowledge, yet who do not have the time to go through the whole book themselves. It’s a win-win situation. You accumulate knowledge through the books, and you can even sell off your knowledge through these university platforms. These summaries can make you $5 per piece up to $20 per piece… Depending on how demanding your summary is.
Is a website we use here in the netherlands

4. Being a business advisor. A website like clarity.Fm helps connect people with each other. You have business knowledge in a certain sector, and others are a startup and look for knowledge in a certain area. Again , with just speaking, you may earn your own income through the phone. You get paid by the minute. This may differ from $1 to $15 per minute. So your job is to deliver value through the phone. My advice is always overdeliver, that’s the way how people will come back to you.
Https://clarity.Fm/ is a website I use to find suitable business advisors

5. Being the middleman. You are the one connecting the supplier and buyer, and when selling something for the other party, you get a part of commission.
Like I have my own course on stocks investing, if you know someone who might want this, you may recommend my course to them, and when they buy, you get a commission through that. This could pay up to $200 per hour, no college degree needed.

6. Property management, if you dont have money for real estate, why not start by learning from someone who is already doing it. Learn from the best.