Smart ways to cashout when investing, check out these 5 tips to reduce risks while investing

a. The first method to apply is to buy stocks that are NOT volatile. Less risk, less returns
b. The second method is to let time do it’s thing. Just wait it out. In general all stocks go up in value, if you just let the stock market do its thing, it’ll grow over time.
c. The third method is to spread your purchasing, like applying the dollar cost averaging method. Instead of investing once, invest your total amount over multiple times. Like having your 6k spread over 12 months, and invest 500 per month.
d. The fourth method is to spread your risk, by investing in different things. Sectors, regions.
e. The fifth method is to know when to sell exactly, the moment you know when to sell. You won’t have to think about selling and letting your emotions play a role. If you know that you have to sell at 10% profit, then no matter how much you are making on paper.. 10% is 10%