5 Money Mistakes you should Avoid in your 20s

The silly part of being a human is that we need to experience mistakes first, before we believe them to be…

Here are 5 money mistakes I would advise you to avoid, and otherwise, MAKE and then make up for them… and do these in your 20s.

1. Waiting, we always wait… waste our time by waiting waiting waiting… not knowing where to go. Well, in your 20s, use your time well, by investing your time in the right things, and then go for it!

2. buying an expensive car… I made the mistake myself, wasted a lot of money on it, and yet… didn’t make the best use of my money back then.. although my coach told me differently…… so, now, let me give you the good advice… postpone your instant gratification, it’ll be worth it.

3. having debts, and going into more (bad) debts… having debts is not a bad things, but having bad debts is a bad thing… take care of assets that will take care of putting money into YOUR money, instead of taking it out of it…

4. the mistake we make is not tracking our finances. How much do you really spend on things per month? do you even know how you should track your money? if not, be sure to really learn to understand that!

5. avoid risks, to become wealthy and rich, you should take some risk… no life threating risk of course, but risk that will make you successful and turn you into the best version of yourself.

So get started with these tips and start making something out of your life!