So. Biden is now president for a few months. And with the stimulus check we can expect that a bull market will happen anytime soon. But how can you profit from it? Well I’m going to tell you what probably will be the best stock to buy before the bull Market.

00:00​ Biden
If you’re an investor and you’ve been following the news, I’m sure you know that president Biden has some interesting actions to take that will create opportunities for investors. I’ll discuss 5 interesting stocks that you could buy, if you want to be riding the Biden wave.

00:42​ So? How I Biden doing?
Now, I know that the biden administration has been there for a few months now. But there are a few innovative stocks that have the potential to skyrocket under the new administration. It might not seem like it at the moment, with the technology-reliant Nasdaq Composite entering official correction territory as on Monday, March 8, but the catalysts are there for a full-fledged bull market to take shape under President Joe Biden. You have to see it like this Biden is taking over a very fragile economy that’s attempting to claw its way back after the pandemic. On the other hand, the dovish steps being taken by the nation’s central bank, coupled with another round of fiscal stimulus from Washington, means easy access to cheap capital for fast-growing companies.

01:53​ Stock 1: Okta
As you might imagine, the tech space is home to innovation and disruption. Specifically, cybersecurity company Okta, this is a name that opportunity investors will want to consider adding if a bull market ensues under the new administration. Okta develops cloud-native solutions that rely on artificial intelligence to protect enterprise and consumer data. Okta’s specific focus is on cloud identity verification. Since it’s leaning on AI, Okta’s suite of products becomes more efficient at recognizing and responding to threats all the time. It’s also often cheaper for enterprises to use third-party identity verification platforms than handle these solutions in-house.

03:24​ Stock 2: Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Healthcare stocks are also loaded with innovation and disruption. Perhaps none fits the bill better than biotech stock Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Where Vertex is making waves is on the drug development front. The company has developed and had the FDA approve, which is the Food and Drug Administration a number of gene-based treatments for cystic fibrosis (CF), a hard-to-treat genetic disease.

04:50​ Stock 3: Lovesac
Designing and selling furniture might not sound disruptive, but small-cap modular furniture designer Lovesac is changing how millennials buy furniture. The biggest difference between Lovesac and traditional furniture companies is the functionality.

06:15​ Trupanion
Typically, just saying the word “insurance” is enough to put an investor to sleep. But specialized insurance company Trupanion is doing things differently. That’s because it’s focused on providing health insurance to companion animals as cats and dogs.

08:06​ Stock 5: Etsy
And I don’t know if you’ve heard of etsy before, but Even the retail space is primed for disruption, and e-commerce platform Etsy is ready to make waves if a Biden bull market takes shape. What sets Etsy apart from other online retail platforms is the company’s focus on personalization. It is set up for small merchants and the customization/personalization they can provide. Consumers who desire to buy local or support small businesses are going to love the Etsy retail platform.