Thinking about investing? Good idea, but watch this video first!

a. Emotions are a horrible thing. Even if you have a great strategy, but the amount of money you’re trading is ‘too’ much, even for you… if that happens you’ll shit your pants, no matter what happens.. good or bad things.
b. Letting media scare you, focusing on other people, on other news. Now we need to do research whenever we’re investing, that’s very important, butw hat’s more important is, how do you interpret the news, what do you see, what information is shared with you?
c. Waiting too long to get in. you know that the biggest problem beginner investors have.. is that they wait, and wait and wait.. to really get started. Now, you may have your strategy, you may have your money, you may have your knowledge on the stock market, but as long as you don’t get started, nothing will happen.. nothing..
d. The biggest mistake is being too involved, although you didn’t want to be. Because you have to see it like this. You got your strategy, you got your knowledge, you even let news be for what it is. And you’ve even let the news be what it is… and you’ve even started investing your money.
And now, you’re keeping track of the stocks.. so much, that you find it really hard to keep your emotions under control. That’s how everything stays in a circle.
e. The moment you can avoid these 4 mistakes. Investing will become easier for you to control and you’ll enjoy your returns far more as well, instead of being so stressed about it.