If you want to achieve your wealthy life, check out this video for the Tips

a. Even wealthy people have wealth triggers
b. Be aware, each and every person has dreams. And it is ok to realise some dreams first, before being able to go to the next one.
c. Now the best route for you and your wealth to go, is to live frugal, save and invest all the money you have, and the moment you reach your magical number, from that day on, you stop doing what you did, and you live the dream life, the freedom.
d. But this route is for the very few.
e. There is a second way, that’s working hard for the life you want, while doing all the things you want. Be satisfied, but have the freedom you want to have in between. Don’t forget, never be stuck in your job.
f. This happens to so many, and what happens is they live paycheck to paycheck
g. And then there is the last group, who work hard, live frugal, but also take mini retirements from what they do, once in a while. And these mini retirements may also be milestones in life, like purchasing the home they love, and make it their own.
h. My parents were the first type, save all their life. Spend hardly anything, and now… when they have reached their number, they live their life they way they want.
i. Many people around me are type two.. just live life as if there might not be a tomorrow
j. And I’m type 3… live and celebrate the milestones, but next to that work on my business and the dreams