Wondering how you can invest your money, when you’re reaching your 50s, check this video out!

In this life phase, hopefully you’ll have an investment of about 350k in your investment account.
If you do it right, you’ll be retiring in about 10-15 years
With the kids moved out, you’ll have some extra money left each month, invest the 350k, together with a monthly investment of 1k per month, for the coming 10-15 years (10% return per year), you’ll have well over 1M dollars, when you are 60, and when you continue until 65, you’ll almost have 2M dolalrs in retirement.

1. First way to invest is: start a small investment business, and have your business make you money over time, I prefer to be in the real estate business, like holiday homes, or residential home.

2. Second way is to invest actively: invest monthly, and just compound the result you get per year. Let it grow passively

3. Third way is the invest partly active, and partly passively, you can have a clear strategy in passive purchasing, but selling can be actively, it’s not trying to time the market, but the clearly sell at set moments.