In your 40s, and looking for investing possibilities? Check out this video!

Depending on your life situation, things have calm down slightly. Maybe you’re even in a mid life crisis state. Like, life is getting boring. It’s either time to change jobs, or it’s take to make some serious money.

1. tart your own business, a business that requires your time and attention. And now is the time to venture into something new.

2. Learn a skill to take some risk to make money. Maybe even take a day off per week, to spend time to learn to trade on the stock market for example, and that day per week could make up for the salary you give up. Since life has become a rhythm you can afford to do more things.

3. If you like what you do, and wish to prepare for your own future, then just investing on the background, invest in something like the SP500, each and every month, let it grow over time.. and compound whenever you can. This should be done passively