You just started your life, you’ve gotten your university degree, you’ve found yourself a job. You’ve found your life partner. To be honest, you don’t have any time to spend on investing, let alone researching all the things necessary in life. And yet.. if you want to be making a change in 10 years time, it starts today. I’m in my 30s myself, life is busy, so things like investing should be easy, not too risky as I don’t have much time, but with the amount of time you work, most likely, you’re in your prime of your life. Making good money, just don’t forget about investments, because when you turn 50, you don’t want to be thinking about starting to invest by then.. that’s the time to enjoy.. so, start today.

No matter what situation you’re in, married, single, well paying job, average job, everyone can invest in this age. You just need to know, how much time you have, and how much effort you want to spend.

I distinguish 3 ways of investing: Swing trading, which is actively trading. Not as a day job like day trading, but spend between 1 week and 4 weeks of time investing. Make choices within a month, to make a trade happen, and make your wins. Now, depending on what kind of what you have, this is possible for you to be making money. Next to the job that you have during the day (or night)

Growth and value investing, do your research up front in a certain company or stock, buy into that company, keep track of the values, and sell, whenever the company is in a high peak. While commuting to work, it is a good time to check the news, and keep track of the changes in the economy.

Passive investing, while doing all your things in life.. just invests monthly in a certain index fund, and let that grow over time