These 3 Things Are Keeping You Where You Are … So Take Care Of Them Now!

There are 3 key things that most people aren’t aware of (awareness could actually be no. 4 here ????) which cause them to be overlooked when they could or should be the chosen one for the next promotion.
So what are they?

1. Arrogance

As a university professor I see this very often. I come across many students with great marks on their exams and their diplomas. These students are good and they know it. When you enter a new company though you shouldn’t act as if you’re the one bringing in all that new knowledge, risking to come across as arrogant. Better step back at first and learn from the colleagues who’ve been around longer than you.

2. Pride

You can and should be proud of all your achievements! Yet (false) pride can also hold you back when you don’t dare to ask for help.

3. Modesty

This is the opposite of pride. Instead of showing off modest people tend to devalue their achievements which isn’t any better because you won’t be seen by the bosses who are in charge when comes to getting that promotion. So make sure that your results are perceived by the right people.