How can you become successful? Is it working hard without knowing where your life is going? Or do you have a plan? In this video I have 3 steps on how you can become successful.

00:00​ YOU WON!
You just won the lottery. $100,000,000 dollars! You can’t believe it just happened to you. You’re completely amazed by it. But think about it what would you do with all that money? How would you spend it? What would be the first thing you would BUY? You visualized something that could happen to you. How did that moment of joy just feel? Did you get the feeling like: ahh, yes! Or was it like: all the things I could buy with the money? Or even what freedom you would have now, just because you have no money worries?

03:04​ Why visualize your end goal
I like to say you need to visualize your goals for 2022 if you want to be achieving goals in 2021. Now, setting goals and visualizing them is important, because when we don’t have any goals, we will stay at one place and will never achieve success. At the moment you’ve made your goals clear. You just need to make a plan to go from where you currently stand to go to where you want to be at.

04:15​ Reason/Step 1: Promotes productivity
And I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying. We can’t CONTROL our mind. But we manage it. And in a way, it is true. It’s not that we could say like. do NOT think about a PINK ELEPHANT. The silliest thing what happens. Is that our brain will think about that pink elephant. And then we rationalize and think: ahh crap, I shouldn’t have thought about it. So knowing that we cannot control our mind, what we CAN do? We can manage our mind.

08:18​ Reason/Step 2: Enhances the gratitude
What does gratitude have to do anything with achieving goals and making a ton of money? Well, it’s very simple, our minds are wired in such a way that we focus and fixate on potential trouble and danger in an effort to keep us alive. This has been like this for centuries and it has helped us survive every time again. but, because our mind does this it also causes us to focus on all that is wrong in our lives. Acknowledge the good things that do happen to you, and will happen to you when you also give it attention. And this part of attention is called gratitude.

11:53​ Reason/Step 3: How to visualize and get what you want or just become freakin RICH!
I would recommend to pick a time of the day, and make it YOUR special time of the day, that belongs to you. And I’m sure you’ll be able to find that part of the day, that works best for you. If you’re a very busy person during the day, maybe at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day would work best for you, but any time of the day, should be fine for this exercise. close
your eyes, pick 3 things to focus on. Spend a moment thinking about that memory or goal, and how it has helped to guide you towards this exact moment in your life. Once you’ve got these 3 things. be grateful for it, thank yourself for having opened up for those opportunities.

14:26​ And now
This gratitude exercise. I do each and every day. And this doesn’t have to take much time, I just take a few minutes to do this, but just because I do it every day, it gives me so much freedom in my mind, and I always know, this will help me in my own journey to achieve my own goals.