If you want to be making money through a side hussle but can’t leave because of the lockdown, nothing to worry, these 3 side hussles are great to help you make up to $100 per day.

The holidays are coming, we’re getting ready to go into 2021. Are you ready to make some extra money while being socially distanced. Because hey… I don’t know about your country, but here in the Netherlands, we’re still in a partial lockdown situation. The question is, how can I make some extra money while being distanced from my peer, and yet make money from home.

00:00 why Leaving might be an issue
We don’t need to leave home to make money. This is not a bad idea for social distancing since you would not have to meet anyone and yet still make money along the way. Be locked in, but still make money!

01:46 Side Hussle #1 Sell your unnecessary stuff online
Check out eBay, Craigslist, facebook marketplace. in the Netherlands Marktplace.
Sell stuff you have at home, that you don’t use anyways.
Another tip is, why not look for stuff that is free, and then flip that.
We have so much stuff, in most cases that is… that we have enough stuff to sell. The only thing is, you need to turn off your emotions and sell the stuff that is not being used anymore. And everything that you haven’t seen for half a year, is very suitable for this.

04:43 Side Hussle #2 Social media manager
You might not be allowed to meet other people. Go to places with a lot of people.
Why not become a social media manager for those who are seeking for one.
My business is starting to get more traction. So I had to get a social media manager, who keeps track of FB, Instagram, Linkedin. You can still control everything you want, but outsource those things, you don’t have the time for anymore.
You could do this for 1 hour a day, or 2 of 5… each business has their own wishes.
Depending where, and how much work, and what you do specifically, this could earn be from 5 dollars per hour to 50 dollars per hour. But just find someone who is suitable for your business.
And same goes for your hussle of course, you can find a business that fits your needs, and is in your line of work and interest.

07:39 Side Hussle #3 Offer an online service
When you have a skill, why not sell that off.
If you play an instrument, why not show off that skill and shoot a video series. Or go to your local music school, and show them your skill. And say.. hey.. how about, I shoot a video class on my skills and sell it through your school (online) as a course.
Or technical skills.. like in the engineering department, courses on how to use AutoCAD. And yes, there might be so many free courses out there, but if you can solve a specific problem with your skills, why not offer that.
Or even more interesting, selling off through print on demand. like t-shirts. In the end, make a design and show that off through your own platform. There are so many ways how you can exchange your time, for a course that could make you money the moment you start sharing it. And yes in most cases the platform that shares your knowledge takes a cut, but then again, you’ll get your cut anyways.

10:57 Bonus: how to get an continuously stream of income, through your side hussle
the money you get from your side hussle, instead of spending it. Invest it
so you will be able to get money from your extra earned money

12:34 if you’re learning skills already, why not learn the skill of investing.