When it comes to investing there are of course many things to learn, many rules to follow os that you can become successful in investing. However there are 3 basic rules that believe make a huge difference and should therefore be known and followed by everyone who is seriously interested in growing their investment capital long term.

So what are the 3 rules for long term in vestment success:

  1. Be careful who you trust and why: There are so many great investors out there with great strategies and they all work. But do they align with your strategy?
  2. Don’t follow the hype: We are constantly bombarded by news about what might happen in the stock market but you should never just randomly follow any advice you find there. Again, always check back with your own strategy.
  3. Be loyal to your own strategy, but never to the stocks you buy: You might be buying stocks of a certain company that does great over a long period. Never fall in love with any stocks though but always make sure they fir your strategy.

I’ve developed a strategy that has been working very well over the long term and that is designed to generate long term profits without having to worry about what the markets are doing.

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