Whenever you receive a compliment from a colleague or your boss for something you did really well you probably react in one of three ways:⠀

1. You are embarrassed and don’t know what to say⠀

2. You turn it down by saying that it’s no big deal⠀

3. You actually receive the compliment and show your appreciation⠀

Unfortunately the vast minority reacts with appreciation. Most people are either embarrassed or think that it’s no big deal.⠀

When you are embarrassed you are caught up between 2. and 3. because you are uncertain if it’s ok to acknowledge your own achievement.⠀

When you turn down the compliment though and act like it’s no big deal, you are being disrespectful towards yourself and the person who gave you the compliment. You might think that it’s an act of generosity but you are actually devaluing your own efforts and disregarding that someone saw enough value in it to compliment you.⠀

So let’s learn to appreciate compliments given to us and at the same time look for opportunities to compliment others. And if they act like it’s no big deal we may reassure them that we believe it is.⠀

By the way, honestly complimenting your colleagues will also increase your popularity at work ????⠀

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